Andrey Starostin is a Denver Colorado Based Cinematographer and Director of Photography with experience in documentary, commercial, and web video production.

Andrey films an expansive amount of subject matter and specializes in adventure and action sports video production.

Your start to finish,
Concept to creation,
One stop shop
For filmmaking and social media merchandising.

Whether you’re a young company
Looking for the monumental credibility boost
or a Brand with a foothold in your industry
Look no further.

I’ve dedicated my life to studying… life. I thrive in bettering myself and I find purpose in helping people feel significant. If nothing else, I want you to know you’re not alone. There is a place for you in this world. I know you have a gift for something.

I think you know it too.

I tell stories.

I write, direct, and film with one sole purpose
To Serve

I love studying leaders, mentors, and revolutionaries who have changed
the way we look at things.
I love sharing lessons I’ve learned that break through a person the way
they broke through me.

My goal with every intentional word is for you to feel.
I want you to feel the Earth shake when you connect to another human.

Join me in spreading the wealth of intentional confidence it takes to be emotionally present and endlessly vulnerable. You are what matters. That’s what it takes.


Favorite Quotes

“Enlightenment is a man’s emergence from his self imposed immaturity.”

Emmanuel Kant

“To give light, one must endure burning.”

Viktor Frankl

“You’re the best man I know.”

Kyrie Libby

“Scars Decorate a Man.”


“The reward for good work, is more work.”

Jonas Salk